The Whisky Reseller is a main Web-based Beverages Store offering a thorough scope of Wine, Champagne, Spirits and Gifts. In web terms we are a seriously settled organization. The Whisky Merchants is a creative, lively organization, brimming with soul.

Anything your prerequisites, whether you’re restocking a bar, catering for an occasion or event, sending gifts, or for individual delight, at The whisky Wholesalers we make a solid effort to convey an incredible help and quick conveyance as standard!

OUR Main goal

As a family organization we accept that quality is what our clients esteem. We are generally on the inquiry to track down new items with certifiable quality and legacy, while proceeding to enhance and work on our internet based insight and the remarkable client care that has granted us a dedicated and expanding fan base.

An Extremely WIDE Reach

The whisky reseller at present stocks north of 1000 whisky of which are Old, Intriguing and Suspended, Since Malt, Mixed Malt, Mixed whisky, Whiskey bourbon, Grain whisky, Irish bourbon, Japanese whisky, Taiwan bourbon, India bourbon and Belgium bourbon. We likewise have Vodka, Gin, Rum and Cachaça, Wine and Champagne, Liquor and Cognac, Tequila, Mixers, Aperitif and Vermouth, Sherry and Port, Premium lagers, and some more.


The whisky reseller portfolio is an assortment of fine wines and spirits from around the world. We constantly hope to support our relationship with laid out brand but at the same time are profoundly focussed on new brands attempting to find the surface to significant clients regarding quality.

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