Macallan 40 Year Old Sherry Oak 2005 Release


The Macallan 40 Years Sherry Oak 2005 Release. There are only a few times that The Macallan releases a stunning 40 year old sherry cask whisky. The ones normally seen today are the 2016 and 2017 editions but what we have here is an old edition that was bottled in 2005. Working back at least 40 years, this bottle would have the old school liquids from the 1960s or earlier giving it a very high rating of 94 points. Limited to only 450 bottles ever produced, this edition is rare, as it was bottled a very long time ago. Kept with a decent neck level, it is a precious collection to any collector out there.

Bottle size : 700
Distillery : Macallan
Age : 40
 : 43.00%